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esy can be configured through .esyrc which esy tries to find in the following locations (sorted by priority):

  1. Sandbox directory: .esyrc
  2. Home directory: $HOME/.esyrc

The following configuration parameters available:


Note that some of them could be also controlled via corresponding environment variables.


Prefix path controls the location where esy puts its installation caches and build store. By default it is set to $HOME/.esy. To override the default location put the following lines into .esyrc:

esy-prefix-path: "/var/lib/esy"

If relative path is provided then it will be resolved against the directory .esyrc resides in.

Prefix path could also be set using $ESY__PREFIX environment variable.


Any of the yarn configuration parameters can be set in .esyrc similar to .yarnrc. See a corresponding yarn documentation on the matter.

Those parameters will be used by esy install and esy add commands (which use yarn under the hood).